aiutate la zucca


"Zucca in Galleria" was the favorite place of Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini, who used to stop there after performance at la Scala. Dudovich and Carrą often stayed until the wee hours, and King Umberto the First loved to go there because it served the best coffee in Milan. Boccioni eden portrayed in the famous painting " The Brawl in the Galleria ".

Beloved by many people of distinction in the past, "Zucca in Galleria" is still a fascinating place today because its guests find themselves in a setting that exudes culture and history, it is considered from all the Milaneses and not, "the last rampart of the milanesity in gallery" that it continues in the spirit than it said Guglielmo Miani when it realized its dream: "It is an institution in Milan and it cannot become any Cafè."

"Zucca in Galleria" isn't any Cafè and it will be never it. Why? We invite you to visit us and to discover it yourselves being ours pleasant guests in Gallery Vittorio Emanuele angle Duomo Square in Milan.